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Top Ten Coding Inks Manufacturers and Suppliers in the U.S.

We have heard about word printing, hi-resolution, and cable marking systems. Coding is simply another way of saying printing. It involves making a mark such as a text, symbol, or image on a product or item to give it the desired look. Coding employs the use of ink.

Coding and Coding Inks

Coding serves to help make a brand visible to people and can also help spread information like, for example, a t-shirt with breast cancer awareness coding on it. Other useful information that spreads through coding is the company’s contact information, the product’s expiry date, manufacturing date, batch code, and the number of shipments.

Coding must be done using coding ink; thus, it is important to know the best suppliers to deliver the best quality. Date coding ink suppliers need to be affordable and deliver the best products. Here is the list of the best coding ink suppliers in the United States and the products they deliver to consumers.

Coding Ink Suppliers
Kyana Packaging Solutions

This company pride itself on creating the best non-porous packaging merchandise for its clients. They supply quality batch coding ink and industrial print ink cartridges for properly labeling brands and other logos.

The company has experience supplying non-porous substrates with lasting solutions for their clients in terms of marking and coding products, and they are a trusted brand. You can reach out to them on the contacts found on their website and make your purchase of printing inks.

Sprinter Marking Inc.

The company is very renowned for the manufacture of coding machines. It also manufactures coding inks and industrial print ink cartridges and has a wealth of experience in the trade. Their products are certified by leading organizations and produce nothing if not impeccable standards.

The inks are of different types of viscosity, and they also have both alcohol-based and water-based inks products. A company you do not want to miss out on in your quest for quality coding ink. Reach out to these suppliers today for your quality coding ink supplies.

Applied Technologies Ink

This company is a dime when it comes to manufacturing inkjet inks. Not only do they manufacture inkjet inks, but they also do coding machines and printing machines, paints, insulators, industrial print ink cartridges, and other electronic materials and also lubricants. Therefore, they are not newbies in the inks and coding business.

Their range of coding inks, especially for porous surfaces, is phenomenal as they dry up quickly and help you achieve your desired product easily. Contact them through their website for all your supplies of coding inks.

Dartronics Inc.

They also produce machines and packaging materials in addition to producing coding inks. Their team will also provide ready technical support for their materials, and they have the software you can use in the coding process. That makes this company one of the best in the game. Their state-of-the-art coding machinery and industrial print ink cartridges ensure optimal coding for your products to look attractive and neat. Their range of inks and inkjet inks will surely suit your needs.

The company began in 1996 when the owner decided to leave his engineering job and start his product packaging and machinery company, so it has a wealth of experience in the sector. Their customers love and trust their products according to the exciting reviews about this product. Find their contacts on their amazing website and make your ink purchase today. I am sure that you will like them.

Elmark Packaging Inc.

Forty years is a long time to do something. You are sure to be a master of your field if you are to go at it for forty years. Now, Elmark Packaging Inc. has forty years of serving its customers with coding inks, other coding and printing machinery, industrial print ink cartridges, and other accompaniments. That is why this company is on this list. They also have great customer service and technical support for all your needs and are sure to assist you in achieving your coding, marking, and printing business.

Their printing inks are long-lasting and ensure that your coded products stay attractive and always ready. Contact them through their website and get their social media handles for the best quality ink supplies.

Zanasi USA

The company has its roots and foundation in Italy, but its subsidiaries in many parts of the world are exceptional in their production styles and products. They also manufacture quality inkjet printers that go hand in hand with your coding needs.

For Zanasi USA, you can get printing inks together with corresponding industrial print ink cartridges delivered anywhere in the United States and Canada. Non-porous and solvent-based inks are the best to choose. Their delivery service is fast and helpful, and they only deliver pure Zanasi brand products for your convenience. The Zanasi brand is trusted among serious coders (pun not intended), as witnessed by lovely reviews and comments online. Check their website today and order your batch coding ink from them.

Print Jet Corp.

The company is a leading supplier of inks, industrial print ink cartridges, and coding equipment and is renowned for its excellent delivery service. They are also known for their great affordability, and their prices are efficient for you on a tight budget. Their technical support work is beyond amazing and is ready to help clients pick and choose the best batch coding machine products for their line.

They truly deserve commendation for their remarkable help step by step in picking the best kind of solvent-based ink to suit your coding machine needs. Their inks are ideal for both porous and non-porous surfaces. Customer satisfaction is reflected in their work policy, vision, and mission statements. Check their website for more information about this supportive company and make your ink order.

Printsafe Inc.

Another company that has decades of experience ensuring that batch coding ink, industrial print ink cartridges, and continuous ink jet are supplied to the clients. You can rely on them for your inkjet printer because they are affordable, quality and delivery very fast. Their inkjet printer and thermal inkjet have been tested and are very good for most porous and non-porous surfaces like paper, plastics, and cloth. Reach out to them through their website contacts and social handles.

Kiwi Coders Inc.

They are another trusted company making quality solvent-based inks suitable for high-quality products. This company also makes thermal inkjet printer spares for printing machinery, industrial print ink cartridges, and equipment to have the best accessories for your solvent-based inks. They have a website with all their contact info, and your work will be to order the water-based inks for them to be delivered to you.

Nazdar Ink Technologies

Last on our list is the nazdar ink technologies. In addition to coding inks, they also do electronics like LED items and U.V. curing, which thermal inkjet printheads do. Their inkjet inks are reputable for providing some of the best products and are trusted by many for their expertise. Their industrial print ink cartridges are phenomenal as well.

Their online reviews are mostly positive, and it seems people only have nice things to say about this company. Feel free to get their contact information from their website and make a call to them to order your batch coding ink and their inkjet inks. They will surely deliver and guarantee your satisfaction.


These are the ten best manufacturers and suppliers of coding inks in the United States. Now with this information, nothing can stop you from achieving quality coding and presenting some of the best products with quality coding ink.

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