Automate Expiry Date Labeling Processes with Industrial Inkjet Coders

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Introduction: The Importance of Accurate Expiry Date Printing

In industries like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, accurate expiry date printing is not just a good practice—it’s a legal requirement. An inkjet coding machine capable of printing precise and legible expiry dates is an indispensable asset. This article serves as a comprehensive guide for selecting the best inkjet coding machine for expiry date printing.

Why Does Expiry Date Printing Matter?

Errors in expiry date printing can lead to recalls, legal issues, and a loss of consumer trust. Therefore, the importance of selecting the right equipment cannot be overstated.

Understanding Your Requirements

Compliance and Regulations

Different industries have varying regulations concerning expiry date formatting. Make sure the machine you choose can accommodate these.

Printing Volume and Speed

Whether you need to print a few hundred or several thousand expiry dates per day will influence the type of machine you need.

Choosing the Right Ink

Ink Durability

In some settings, the ink must withstand exposure to moisture, cold, or heat. Make sure the ink used by the machine is up to the task.

Food-Safe Inks

In the food and beverage industry, make sure that the ink meets all safety and edibility standards.

Key Features to Look For

High-Resolution Printing

Expiry dates need to be easily legible. Look for machines that offer high-resolution printing.

Ease of Operation

Choose a machine that is user-friendly and requires minimal training, to avoid human errors.

Flexibility in Date Formatting

Some machines offer multiple date formats; this flexibility can be useful for businesses that serve global markets.

Top Recommended Machines

Videojet 1580

Offers an intuitive interface and durable ink options, suitable for high-speed lines.

Linx 8900

Known for quick-drying inks and a user-friendly touch screen.

Markem-Imaje 9450

Offers high print resolution and quick-change ink cartridges for minimal downtime.

Installation and Maintenance

Professional Installation

Opt for professional installation to ensure that your machine is set up correctly and calibrated for optimum performance.

Regular Maintenance

A little preventive maintenance can go a long way in ensuring the reliability of your machine.

Cost Considerations

Initial Cost vs. Operational Cost

While the initial price is important, also consider costs like ink replacement and maintenance.

Warranty and Service Plans

It’s often worth investing in an extended warranty or a comprehensive service plan for peace of mind.

Conclusion: Making a Choice that Counts

Expiry date printing is a critical task that demands the right tools. From ink type to print resolution and ease of use, several factors need to be considered when choosing an inkjet coding machine for this purpose. Investing in the right machine will not only keep you compliant but also improve operational efficiency.


  1. Is it possible to change the ink type later?
    • Some machines offer this flexibility, but you’ll need to check with the supplier to be sure.
  2. How often does the machine need to be calibrated?
    • This can vary, but a general guideline is at least once every six months.
  3. Can I print additional information alongside the expiry date?
    • Many modern machines allow for this, letting you print batch numbers or other data simultaneously.
  4. Are there mobile inkjet coding machines for expiry dates?
    • Yes, some portable models can be moved around a facility for on-the-spot printing.
  5. How do I ensure consistent print quality?
    • Regular maintenance and using high-quality inks are the keys to consistent print quality.
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