Top 10 Best Sublimation Ink Wholesale in the USA

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 We have all come across several types of printed material like printing on a t-shirt, sporting gear, or any other clothing. Most of us do not know the inks used to make these prints or which ones are the best to shop. Read on to find out.

What are sublimation inks?

Sublimation ink is a type of dye ink printed on items using a sublimation printer by using heat and pressure. With this printing type, you can get a high-quality print in every product. This type of printing is essential for materials not affected by extremes of temperature and pressure, like polyester, metal, ceramics, and glass. Thus the resultant features become long-lasting, attractive, and worth spending cash on. Materials like cotton are very inapplicable here because excessive heat destroys them.

Once applied to the desired product, sublimation inks became the same. The item and its print become like bread and butter. It is, however, not good to use on paper.

Sublimation Ink

Sublimation inks must be manufactured in a factory setup and supplied to those who print materials for use. Therefore it is essential to know the best brands to use to achieve high-quality printed items. Below find the suppliers of sublimation inks on a wholesale basis in China.


This brand comes in at number one is J.D. manufacturers make this type. You can get their contacts from their official website and order. They offer good terms of service like delivery of supplies to customers, especially those who buy wholesale. Their delivery is also very prompt and effective. The ink is blended so that it does not form a coating on the surface of the image. So with this one, you will get impeccable results. Reach out to them today. In China, this ink type is highly recommended for general printing when using China-made printers such as Lexmark.

Printers Jack (PJ Anti-UV sublimation ink)

Printers Jack manufacturers started their operations in the year two thousand and seventeen. They have been doing quite well for a young company that has not been around for long. Printers jack manufacture, test for, and carry out updates for color accuracy in their ink products. They have some of the best inks that they name after them. Talk about loving your name. One of their best brands is the one mentioned in the subheading, the PJ Anti-UV sublimation ink. Given its long-lasting and hard-to-fade quality, it is genuinely a trusted brand. It also comes with state-of-the-art filtering technology, making it among the best. They also really take into account consumer rights w. To make your wholesale purchase for your business, reach them through their social media handles and other contacts found on their website and complete your order


Their fame is hinged on their fast delivery, and they help you set up your printer. The delivery guy will leave the package on your door, bolster you to your feet with three loud knocks and hurry off. The blend of colors that this sublimation ink offers is just excellent. The resulting products appear bright and attractive to look at. The company has lovely reviews online, which shows how well-loved their products are. With such excellent customer service, one can’t help but overlook the high prices of their products as they are costly to buy. However, with their efficiency, it’s worth the extra money.

Epson Workforce

The fourth on our list is one from the Epson company. The Epson company is a household name for anything to deal with printing, being a reputable pioneer in printing inks, printing papers, printers, and printing equipment. This particular Epson ink is compatible with their particular sublimation printer, the Epson printer precisely the workforce type. The price of the ink is fortunately low. Their sublimation ink also comes with four different cartridges for your utmost convenience. Their website depicts colorful images of their products alongside this one, and it also has their contacts. Reach out to them and make your orders.

Epson Eco Tank

Also, from Epson Manufacturers, this one is easy to use with your printing equipment. It comes with a how-to guide for you to utilize when using the product. All Epson products come with directions for you to use the printer effectively, thus achieving quality printing. Epson brand is a cutting-edge company and one which is trusted by printers, especially beginners. They also offer coupons and low prices to their esteemed customers. This ink comes in a range of colors to filter. It makes it easy to choose the best color for your printing needs. This brand is specifically compatible with the Epson Eco Tank printer. You can place orders by reaching out to them through their website.

CISS Ink System

Epson Manufacturers also make this sublimation ink. This one used this particular one with the Epson C88 printer model.

I found the price of this printer to be skyrocketing and not a very good option for beginners. The inks come in different cartridge sizes and colors, which you can transfer to a refill and filter. The good thing with this brand, let me tell you, is that even if it is expensive, it offers you a variety that leaves you spoilt for choice. Epson’s contacts on their website and you can check out their products and make your orders.

Inktec Dye Sublimation Inks

The Ink Tec company manufactures this one. The ink has a dispersed dye that has gone through a filter giving the ink great color expression qualities to support your printing needs. The ink is safe to use, even on children’s clothes. One thing about this company is that it is committed to helping ensure that our planet stays greener and healthier. Protecting the environment from harmful dyes is a significant subject of their work. The prices for their products are also reasonable, as well as their logos. Reach them on their website for you to place orders.

Kiian Digistar Hi-Pro sublimation ink

This sublimation ink is a product by the Kiian company and is very practical owing to its high endorsement in online reviews. Many people have praised its affordability, speedy drying, non-greasy nature, and the fast way the product is delivered to their doorsteps. The chromatography of the ink is palpable in the products it produces as they appear attractive. The ink also dries very fast. They have a colorful website you can search for in case you want to contact them.


The good thing about the Hiippoo inks is that, unlike most Epson brands that are only for a specific printer, the Hiipoo one comes in handy when one has a variety of printers to use. It is beneficial for someone who has a variety of printers and would like to have ink that acts as a one-size-fits-all product. Like all other sublimation inks, it isn’t perfect to use with items made out of cotton. This versatility in printers makes them efficient. It can produce cheerful colors, patterns, and fonts; thus, it is suitable for various materials. Use it to brand your t-shirts, make funny patterns with it in your socks, and bring out the fashionista when you use it in your handbag making, among other items, thus showing the world your creativity. Search for their website online to reach them, and I guarantee you will love them. Ricoh, Mutoh, and Epson printers are some of the printers in China that use this ink.

Sublijet HD

The ink supplies for this one come from the Sawgrass company. It comes in four colors, so you can change it to the color that suits you best or filter them. Both soft and hard polyester substrates are okay to use in this sublimation ink. I like having a sublimation transfer on the printer equipment using vinyl. Thus this brand is highly versatile as you can transfer it to different printers. However, using this with printers from the Sawgrass company is best. This sublimation ink does not support other printers and can lead to a breakdown in Ricoh or the printers made in China that are not compatible. They also take consumer rights seriously. You can search for their fantastic website online, with their contact information.

In conclusion, sublimation inks are very efficient for printers and produce good products. I am sure you have learned and overdone two things from this list for all of your creatives. Now that you know where to find them, nothing can stop you from flexing your creative muscle and showing the world what you’ve got.
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